Friday, February 28, 2014

Interviews with Artists

This past week I had the pleasure to chat with CSO Music Director Laureate, Paavo Järvi when he was in town to conduct a concert at Music Hall. When asked his opinion on whether or not Schubert existed in the shadow of Beethoven, he responded, “Everyone existed in Beethoven’s shadow.”

Maestro Järvi described Beethoven as a god-like figure that most composers didn’t dare to tread near. “In awe” of what he achieved with his Ninth Symphony, most composers who came after Beethoven felt “insecure” about the symphony genre. Paavo then went on to mention how Schubert wrote his “Great” Symphony (mentioned in yesterday's post) attempting to make it in the likeness of Beethoven’s first. He knew he could never accomplish what Beethoven was able to provide listeners with his Symphony No. 9 but thought that if he could compose something “worthy” of Beethoven’s first (one of his lesser-known works) he would be satisfied.

What do you think? In your opinion, has anyone ever accomplished what Beethoven did with his Symphony No. 9?