Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Flicks

What movies do you plan to watch this weekend? Write to me and let me know your impression of the music. Did you hear any soundtracks that sounded minimalistic?


  1. "Beautiful Mind" starring Russell Crowe. I think James Horner did the music and I definitely heard some minimalistic elements. My favorite part in the score is during a tense car chase where John Nash believes he is being pursued by the bad guys who want to get his secret papers. There's NO MUSIC behind the action. I originally thought that was odd. Then I got it. A masterful movie composer knows when to be silent!

  2. Excellent movie! I agree with your statement that by using no music during certain scenes, the composer is amplifying the effect. It is similar to Bernard Herrmann's score to Hitchcock's Psycho that I discussed recently. He chose to stop the music when Marion gets into the shower which, I think, adds to the suspense that something is about to happen. It does indeed take great skill to know when to include music and when to hold back! Thanks for your comment!