Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday with Frank Johnson

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The Disney movie studio has been very successful with live-action feature films based on older properties like theme park attractions and earlier animated films. Pirates of the Caribbean, Tomorrowland, Maleficent, and Alice in Wonderland provide examples. Now they're working on a non-animated movie from just part of an earlier animated film. It’s been announced the studio is making a full-length movie out of Night on Bald Mountain, which was a segment in the 1940 version of Fantasia that used Modest Mussorgsky’s music. A pair of screenwriters have been attached to the project but they haven't really said where the story will come from. There wasn’t much of a plot for that part of Fantasia, but it was certainly the most disturbing part of the anthology (especially coming after Mickey Mouse and dancing hippos).

It should also be mentioned that Night on Bald Mountain made an appearance in another very famous classic film of a year earlier: The Wizard of Oz. Next time you watch the film, notice the part where Dorothy's crew (the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man) attempt a commando style escape from the Witch’s castle.

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