Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Beethoven!

Happy Birthday, Beethoven! In honor of this legendary composer’s special day, I thought it would be fun to gather a list of some of my favorite Beethoven works. This was more difficult than I anticipated, however, because really all of his works are great! Therefore, I limited myself to ten favorites. What would you add to the list?

Symphony No. 3 “Eroica”

Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral”

Symphony No. 7

Symphony No. 9 “Choral”

Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor”

Leonore Overture No. 3

Piano Sonata #8 "Pathetique"

Piano Sonata #17 "The Tempest"

Violin Concerto

Choral Fantasy

Check back later this week for some more Beethoven fun! 


  1. I loved listening to these here at work!