Monday, September 15, 2014

Cubism and Pablo Picasso

Cubism is yet another type of movement that has a history in both the music and visual art worlds. Pablo Picasso is one example of an artist who employed Cubism in his work. His Guitar Player (1910), seen below, shows how this movement maps itself onto the visual arts.

Pablo Picasso, Guitar Player (1910)
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The Cubist style features three-dimensional objects represented on a two-dimensional plane. This is done by using geometrical shapes such as cubes (hence “Cubism”) and overlapping them in a fun, sometimes colorful, way.

On Wednesday we will look at how one composer, Erik Satie, used Cubism in music. Did you know that Picasso actually used this Cubist style of artwork to design sets and costumes for Satie’s ballet, Parade (1917)? Here, we can see music and art working together to contribute to the greater creation.

Pablo Picasso’s Costume Design for Satie’s Parade
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Do you enjoy Cubist artwork? Do you have a favorite artist or painting from this period?